Quality, Health and Environmental

  • M&CS only work with principals holding ISO 9000 approved quality management systems and manufacturers with ISO 14000 approved environmental systems.
  • M&CS ensure that our customers receive high quality products from quality manufacturers.
  • MSDS according to 91 / 155 EEC formats.

Certificates of Analysis and Conformity

  • Full chemical analysis and particle size analysis by NAMAS laboratory.
  • Application testing to prove product performance.
  • C. of A. to guaranteed specifications.

Product Recommendations

  • Full and detailed product data sheets with advice on applications are freely available.
  • Technical Service Managers are happy to visit the customer locations and assist with technical issues on site

Customer Formulations

  • Technical Managers, who also understand customer formulations, are able to offer free advice.
  • Formulations and product applications can be discussed, on site, and at the customer’s location.


  • M&CS offer smaller quantities directly from our warehouse.

Our warehouse is a modern bright clean building with stocks always available for a fast service.

Pre-production testing

  • Small lab sized slurries can be tested for desirable properties before taking to a higher scale
  • Budenheim can offer intumescent coating fire testing in a furnace capable of testing small scale plates. This is a good indicator of how your coating will perform in a large scale test.