Polymerization Control

EPSOLUTE® Series: Polymerization controlling ingredients

Main targets during the polymerization process in the production of expandable polystyrene (EPS)
are high yields of stable polymer beads and control of the optimal bead size distribution. EPSOLUTE®
helps to control the size of the EPS/ABS beads and other polymers based on suspension
polymerization that are defined in the polymerization process. The narrower the bead size
distribution, the better a uniform packing of the expanded EPS beads in the final application. The
uniformity and homogeneity of the EPS cell structure improves mechanical and thermal properties

BUDIT® T Series: Polymer technology ingredients
The BUDIT® T Series provides a toolbox of ingredients from adjusting pH levels in suspension production to smoke suppressants for optimizing flame retardant formulations. BUDIT® T Series acts as a buffer for pH9. Free acid due to impurities interfere with the polymerization. Keeping the pH controlled helps to maintain precise reaction kinetics and protects other important ingredients of the formulation.